Caffeine Benefits – Does It Boost Memory?

Caffeine, like chocolate, often receives bad publicity. Whilst in some instances, and in excess, these can have negative effects on our body, they can also be quite beneficial.

I am not disputing that some people are more sensitive to the negative effects of either caffeine or chocolate. For example, excess caffeine can create anxiety, nausea (particularly if taken on an empty stomach), an increase in heart rate, and even depression in some people. And chocolate is certainly not something that should form the mainstay of one’s diet. If struggling with sugar addiction, or wanting to lose weight, there are more nutritionally complete foods that are available.

But scientists have turned up some interesting facts on caffeine. For example, caffeine actually blocks the effects of a neurotransmitter in the brain (adenosine) that otherwise makes us feel tired. This is why it works so well to keep us awake. It also encourages the release of another brain chemical, dopamine (as well as adrenaline). Dopamine contributes to a feeling of well being.

Two studies, one a population based study (which are not as specific or rigorously defined as other types of studies, but nonetheless valuable indicators) found that drinking caffeine containing drinks like coffee and tea had a protective effect for those at risk of developing liver disease. Issues that the study participants had that increased their risk of liver disease included alcoholism, hepatitis B or C, obesity, or other complications.

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And the results indicated that people who drank more than 2 cups of coffee a day had a 44% lower chance of showing actual liver damage compared to those who drank no caffeine. This was not a clinical trial, and the reason why coffee and tea had such an effect is not known. Coffee and tea contain a range of plant chemicals (phytonutrients) that could be responsible for this. A 2005 Norwegian study also found similar benefits for coffee with regards liver disease. This study found that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day could lower the risk of death from liver cirrhosis.

Even if you’re not at risk of liver disease, caffeine still has some advantages. Recent research from Austria showed that caffeine may actually enhance short term memory. Researchers found that there was an increase in brain activity (as measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging) in the parts of the brain that were associated with memory and attention. These parts of the brain were the frontal lobe and the anterior cingulum. This was a placebo controlled study, meaning that some people were not given any caffeine. Another, earlier study (2004) found that caffeine did support short term memory, but only when it was in relation to a topic that people were already thinking about. This study found that when testing coffee’s effects on unrelated subjects, short term recall was actually inhibited.

Everything does have a flip side though. Adenosine, which is blocked by coffee, is also calming. This could be why it can also cause anxiety in excess, and in some individuals. After all, the balance of our brain chemistry is unique. And when we are addicted to stimulants like caffeine, we lose the sensitivity to our own natural stimulants (dopamine and adrenaline).

Buying Coffee Roasters For The Perfect Brew

There are a variety of machines now available to turn your kitchen into a coffee lover’s paradise. You can buy espresso machines, cappuccino makers and coffee bean roasters that will ensure you are drinking the freshest possible coffee, made to suit your personal tastes. Buying a coffee roaster can be a confusing business, there are a huge range of prices and functions, and a little guidance in what to look for can be really valuable before you make your purchase. As well as looking for a reliable and well established brand, with a long guarantee, you will want to consider what your personal needs are from your coffee blender.

The first question to ask yourself is how much you want to be involved in the roasting process and how much you want the machine to do the work for you? Some people really enjoy measuring out the amounts, stirring and supervising the process, and in this case a basic stove top model, is ideal as well as being one of the cheaper options.

These are similar to a simple saucepan, with a tightly fitting lid and a special handle. The handle allows you to stir the beans during the roasting process, keeping the hot air moving evenly around the beans and preventing the beans on the bottom of the pan from burning. These type of roasters should have an integral thermometer, as maintaining the correct temperature is a crucial part of the process.

If you would prefer a machine that does everything for you, there are models available with a built in thermostat that controls the amount of heat necessary. They have automatic stirring and air-flow systems to ensure even roasting of the beans, and a timer to shut down the process at the correct time. All you need to do is put in the right amount of beans, switch on the machine, and let it do the rest. Of course you will need to pay more for this type of roaster but this may be worthwhile to get a more even roast with minimal effort.

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Another consideration when you are buying your coffee roaster is how effectively does it circulate heat and air? As mentioned previously, even heating and airflow is necessary for a good roast, but this is made more effective if the chaff from burst skins can be removed as the beans are roasting. An additional extra that can make the roasting process more successful is a drum roaster. This moves the beans around using the forces of gravity instead of a stirrer in the base of the roaster.

Most machines enable you to watch the roasting process through a glass panel to ensure you can stop the process at the perfect time for you, even though they have preset times for certain levels of roast. You may have a particular idea about the level of roasting to make the perfect brew that is different from the settings on your roaster.

Once you have decided what the criteria are for your perfect coffee roaster, you can look forward to the fresh coffee that will be constantly available to you, your family and those dinner guests.

Buying A Great Coffee Machine

You rely on coffee to get your day started, depend on it to keep you going during the day, and love to finish your evening meal with a cup. However, you are stuck in a rut buying the same old brand from your supermarket, without giving much thought to what you really want from your coffee. If this sounds familiar you might want to consider spending a little time exploring the many types of coffee available today, and choosing a selection to suit your particular tastes.

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Some useful ingredients for coffee tasting at home include a good supply of filtered water as tainted water can spoil the best coffee, a tray designed to take several small cups or bowls, some measuring spoons, and a variety of spoons. You will also need a burr grinder if you want to use whole coffee beans. It can be worthwhile trying different grades of fineness as well as different types of coffee to see which you prefer. However, you can buy different grinds to determine your favorite if you don’t want to invest in a grinder.

When preparing the coffee, remember that the water should be just off the boil. Boiling water will scald your coffee beans ruining their flavor and aroma. One cup coffee makers or other types of quality coffee machine can ensure that the water is of exactly the right temperature. For tasting, however, you should simply mix the coffee grinds with the boiled water, and either filter after a couple of minutes, or spoon off a sample of coffee to try. You will need roughly two tablespoons of coffee to each six fluid ounces of water but you can vary this combination to achieve a stronger or weaker effect.

Before tasting you should breathe in the aroma of the coffee, a large percentage of the taste is actually in the smell. Make sure the coffee is not too hot when you take it in your mouth, and allow the liquid to run over your whole tongue, covering all your taste buds. Keep the coffee in your mouth for a few seconds before spitting into a container.

Given the different climates and soil types involved in producing coffee, as well as the variety of methods of preparation, it is not surprising that there are such variations in coffee types. Try coffees from a number of countries, in different parts of the world. Variations between African and South American coffees are staggering.

Learn about the profiles of the coffees you enjoy. What is the acidity? What kind of aroma does the coffee have? How bitter is the aftertaste? Is there a nutty flavor to the coffee? Is there a peppery taste, or perhaps a floral one? Try light and dark coffees, rich, smooth and sharp coffees to gain a real understanding of your own preferences.

Spending some time learning about the various coffees available and the particular types that appeal to your taste buds can make coffee drinking a real pleasure. Given the amount of coffee most people drink during their working week, it is surprising how few know very much about the drink. Coffee tasting can be a great way of entertaining friends, while learning a little about your likes and dislikes at the same time.

Buying A Commercial Coffee Machine Online – The Three Golden Rules

With a growing number of websites offering coffee machines at increasingly affordable prices, buying a coffee machine online can be a great way to save time and money. But there are three golden rules you should follow when purchasing your machine, and these should help you find the best machine for your business.

1. Make sure you buy from an established and reputable company. It may seem entirely obvious, but please do make sure that the company you choose has a reliable reputation and that shopping with them is known to be secure. Read up on their privacy policy and make sure you are satisfied that they won’t use your personal details for anything other than processing your order.

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2. Do your research. There are so many types of coffee machine out there that it can seem like a daunting task trying to figure out just which one is right for you. But you should take the time to look through your options: read the specifications for the different coffee makers and make sure that you think not just about the basic features of the different coffee makers, but also the extras that the different machines are fitted with.

3. Check installation and warranty information. Most coffee machines should come with an instruction manual, however some also include installation in the price of the machine- having someone come out and install the machine for you can save time and hassle, particularly if you are buying a complex machine. Also make sure that the machine you buy has a decent warranty- it is likely to be an expensive piece of equipment, so it is important that you are covered if anything goes wrong.

Follow these three basic rules and you will be well on the way to finding the ideal commercial coffee machine. Good luck!

Buy an Outstanding Item Panama Coffee Table for Your Living Room

The small social meetings with near and dear ones can lend you real amusement. You can have a lot of fun by gossiping with your friends and relatives during small social gatherings.Coffee tables are most suitable place at your home where you arrange for small social gatherings with friends and relatives. The Coffee table that you choose for your home should be sizeable enough to support coffee cups, snacks. A tiered coffee table can be highly functional item for your home as you can place small items such as books, newspapers and magazines on it.

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Children can use coffee table for recreation activities such as playing games and doing painting. A round shaped coffee table is suitable for children for playing games such as carom or cards. Coffee tables come in market many different materials, shapes and many different ranges. You can choose the shape, size and material of coffee table according to your needs and requirement.


Cuisinart Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup Coffeemaker is made in China. It is a superior coffee grinder and maker. It is able to grind and make coffee at the same time. The machine grinds the coffee without affecting the integrity of the coffee beans. This ensures that the true flavor is maintained. The hopper has large capacity and sealable. It is able to accommodate up to half-pound coffee beans. The grind control functions and strength selector make this machine the right dual-purpose equipment you need in your coffee shop or kitchen.

Cuisinart Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup Coffeemaker Features
Fresh coffee flavor. The grinder is able to grind evenly before brewing starts. The charcoal filter removes the water impurities. You are therefore assured that nothing will interfere with the true aroma and flavor of your coffee.
Fully Automatic. The machine has settings, which make it easy to select the coffee strength, grind consistency and brew start time.
Half-pound Sealed Bean Hopper. The lid seals so tight and thereby ensuring that the beans are kept fresh. The hopper accommodates half-pound of beans which are ready for brewing

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Easy to use
Convenient coffee making
Great aromas
Fully automatic

Cuisinart Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup Coffeemaker Reviews
One of the recent customers who purchased the Cuisinart Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup Coffeemaker said, “ This is the right machine for people who want high quality coffee but do not want the expensive espresso machine. The machine is very attractive and with nice design. I have only used it for a month but I am glad with its performance.”
The Cuisinart Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup Coffeemaker is a new machine currently in the market. It gives you the power to control the coffee strength and the grinding quality.

Bunn-o-Matic Corporation History

The Bunn-o-Matic Corporation, based in Springfield, Illinois, has been manufacturing coffee and tea making equipment for many years. The company supplies Bunn coffee machines to the commercial sector and to home consumers and has an international market. In 1963, they developed the first automatic drip brew coffee maker in the world.

The foodservice provider customers can choose an appropriate machine for their establishment, whether it is a small café or a much larger concern. The Bunn coffee equipment is designed to be economic, efficient and safe to use. The Axiom-3 12 Cup Digital Automatic Coffee Brewer has an LCD display, splash guard and an automatic warmer shut-off. This brewer automatically adjusts, according to the water pressure.

The range of Thermal Server Coffee Brewers make 3 – 8 gallons of coffee per hour and the server keeps the fresh flavored coffee, hot for hours. The Super Automatic Expresso Systems include models, suitable for regular, de-caffeinated and specialty beans. It can be easily operated with the control pad. There is also a line in commercial Coffee Grinders; designed to preserve the fresh roasted flavor and aroma of coffee beans.

Making coffee at home is just as easy and affordable with Bunn coffee machines and there is a range of brewers and grinders. They make great coffee and they look good in the kitchen. The NBX Brewer comes in black or white and has a stainless steel tank with an internal thermostat. The lid slides for easy use and the decanter holds 10 cups. The warming plate is coated with porcelain. The My Café Single Serve Coffee/Tea Pod Brewer is a compact piece of equipment and works with different kinds of tea and coffee pods and tea bags. Brewing only takes 30 seconds and there is a 9 setting brew control for 4 – 12oz cups. The pod holder, drip tray and lid are all dishwasher safe.

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There is an online buying facility and a store locater function. Bunn coffee equipment is sold in well known stores, such as Dillard’s, Sears and JC Penney’s. The Parts Department supplies parts for commercial and domestic machines and the company provides operating and service manuals. The web site also gives information on the maintenance and cleaning of equipment and on warranty arrangements. The Bunn coffee company participates in several trade shows each year in the United States, Europe and Asia. Dates for 2008 have been announced and include shows in Miami, Washington DC, Dubai, Singapore, Denmark and London.

Building A Better Cup Of Coffee

While coffee may be one of the most popular drinks around, millions are forced to do without it because of heartburn, acid reflux, chronic stomach discomfort and other gastrointestinal issues. The problem, it seems, has to do with the very thing that gives coffee so much flavor: the roasting. But that may soon change.

Joseph Schmer, M.D., a gastrointestinal medical specialist and former co-chief of gastroenterology for Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, has seen for years just how large of a problem stomach issues are for coffee drinkers. “During the coffee-roasting process, natural acids form which can lead to heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach,” he explains. “Reducing these irritants allows coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs to enjoy coffee.”

People with sensitive stomachs may want to check out brews such as Coffee Legends’ Gentle Java, a new coffee designed specifically for coffee drinkers who say coffee upsets their stomachs. The java is made from an all-natural steam process-popular in Europe for about 60 years-that reduces around 70 percent of all impurities and irritants. The steaming leaves the coffee aroma, flavor and caffeine completely intact-meaning coffee drinkers without sensitive stomachs can enjoy the brew, too.

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Gentle Java is good news for those who rely on coffee to help focus or for anyone who wants to benefit from coffee’s antioxidant qualities.

While caffeine has long been known to help asthmatics prevent attacks, recent studies have shown coffee consumption can have several other health benefits.

Drinking coffee has been associated with a lower risk of gallstone disease in men, reduced risk of kidney stone formation and a reduced risk of colon cancer.

Other studies have found coffee to be a good source of potassium, helpful in promoting the effectiveness of migraine medications, and a way of protecting against free-radical damage to tissues. One study found it had more antioxidant activity than red wine, green or black tea or orange juice.

Broken Coffee Machine? Getting It Repaired Needn’t Be A Hassle

When your commercial coffee machine needs to be repaired, you will of course want it to be fixed as soon as possible. But what is involved in having it repaired? When you are choosing a company to repair your coffee machine, make sure you ask them the following questions:

How long will it take to fix? Obviously this depends on the extent of the problem, however some companies will aim to fix your machine within 24 hours, and some will fix it on-site or, if you take it to them, will fix it while you wait, allowing you to get your machine back in action as soon as possible.

Will a loan machine be provided? If your machine is going to take time to fix, it can be a good idea to choose a repair company who will offer a machine for you to use in the meantime. The last thing you want is to loose business because of a broken machine!

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Is my coffee machine covered? Double-check that the company you have chosen actually can repair the type of machine you have, as some companies will only repair specific makes. If you do not see your machine listed on their website, it can be worth giving the company a ring and asking them if they will fix yours- sometimes they will make an exception.

Is my area covered? Depending on where the company are based, they may have a set radius that they will visit. If you are outside of their region, you may have to find an alternative company or take your machine to them; however, again, it can be worth calling the company in question to check whether they will make an exception for you.

Once you have answers to the above questions, you should be well on your way to getting your machine up and running again!

Brewing A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Brewing a great cup of coffee depends on a number of things such as the quality of the coffee bean, the quality of the water being used, the type of brewing being done, and the grind of the coffee. Now quality of bean and water is something you can easily take care. Just use good quality beans and pure water. However the relationship between the grind of the coffee and the type of brewing being done is more detailed and could use a little explanation. Now we all know that we make coffee by passing hot water over crushed coffee beans. However for it to really work well we need to understand just how long the water should be passing over the beans. The purpose of this article is to help you understand how to match your coffee’s grind to the type of brewing you are doing in order to make the best coffee possible.

Generally speaking, the ‘soaking’ time relates directly to how coarse the coffee is ground. This means that smaller coffee grinds need less contact with the water, and coarser grinds need longer contact. Espresso coffee is only exposed to water for 20-40 seconds and as a result is made using extremely fine grind coffee. A French press coffee maker can take as much as 4 minutes and uses an extremely coarse grind. If coffee is left contacting water for too long for its grind size, unwanted extracts emerge and make the coffee taste bitter. Of course if the grind is too large and the water passes very quickly (like using frech press grind in an espresso maker), very little of the caffeine and flavours extracted and will have poor flavour.

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Of course filters play an important role in managing the balance between over and under brewing your coffee. Not only do they keep the grind out of your cup, but they also control how fast the water passes over the grinds. Paper filters are the most common, but many people are also using metal varieties. Paper filters are quite good. However they can absorb some of the coffee flavour, and some people claim they can taste the paper in the final coffee. Metal filters are normally made from stainless steel or gold plated mesh. They have very fine weave and filter out the coffee grinds very well. They also do not alter the taste of the coffee at all. Metal filters are also more environmentally friendly than the paper alternative.

Whichever you choose, be sure to buy decent quality. Cheap filters often clog or not allow the coffee to brew properly. A decent quality metal filter will last years and save money in the end.

Brewing a cup of coffee is not that hard. Brewing a great cup takes a little more understanding, but isn’t any harder. Start with fresh beans and good clean water and then match your brewing style to the proper grind and then mess around with the exact proportions and pretty soon your be brewing killer coffee every time.

Boot Camp for Coffee Drinkers

Ok, so we go to a local coffee house and we order cappuccinos, café mochas, lattes and espressos. It isn’t the paper cups that make these drinks taste so good. It’s the recipe and of course the prettiness factor. Baristas all have a style of their own and every cup will taste different because of the roast, the grind, the amount used, the water, the temperature and many other things. We have all tried to make these coffee delights at home the way we think they are made, but do we really know the real way they are supposed to be made to extract the enchanting flavors correctly? Here is a quick list of how to make the basic drinks. This is boot camp for coffee drinkers.

Cappuccino: Equal parts of steamed and frothed milk and espresso. The milk goes on top of the espresso. Dust with nutmeg, cinnamon or chocolate powder or shavings.

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Café Mochas: The easiest way is to use a good brand of hot chocolate, throw in a shot of espresso and top with whipping cream and chocolate powder or shavings. It looks the best if you put it in a tall glass and use a long handled spoon. For a finishing touch add a saucer and a napkin. Or make a latte and toss in a chocolate flavored shot.

Lattes: Foam & steam milk to 140-degrees. The ratio is 50% espresso and 50% milk. Pour the milk down the side of the cup so it infuses with the espresso. The difference between this and a cappuccino is a latte blends the two things together, whereas the cappuccino keeps them separate.

Espressos: We’ve all had bad espresso. There are many reasons why this is. The number one reason is an unfavorable bean. If you like espresso you are likely a connoisseur of coffee and know what constitutes a good bean. Anyway, to make a good espresso you must do the following:

  • Use a fine grind
  • You must tamp the espresso down firmly
  • You must use a high pressure machine or stove top model
  • You must not try to make too much at once
  • You must see the creama on the top, which is a golden-brown foam
  • You must use an appropriate espresso cup to keep the temperature from dissipating too quickly

All in all, making coffee correctly is all up to you and the way your flavor buds react to the taste. If you like it a particular way, then make it that particular way. However, if you have guests over they may just like the basics. So do yourself a favor and learn the correct way to make lattes and espressos.

Bodum Coffee Company History

Everyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee knows the value of having the right equipment to make it. The Bodum Coffee Company was founded in 1944 in Denmark and is still a family concern. The first of their own products, the Santos Coffee maker, came on the market in 1958 and is still available today. The company produces kitchenware and tableware but is mostly known for its French coffee presses.

These products are both functional and stylish and will look good in any kitchen or café. Everything is designed with flavor in mind. The Bistro Nouveau coffee or tea glass is made from heat resistance glass and has a black, plastic handle. The glass keeps coffee and tea warm and can also be used for soup. The glasses are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

The Eileen is a black and stainless steel frame Bodum coffee maker in the French press style. It has a square handle for easy grip and it is chosen by bistro and café owners. The Costa Rica 8 Cup French Press also has a stainless steel frame and an easy grip curved handle with a rubber coating. Coffee is quick and easy to make. Ground coffee is put into the flask, hot water is added and stirred with a wooden or plastic spoon. After three or four minutes, the plunger is pressed and perfect coffee is the result.

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The Travel Press is transparent and holds 16oz of liquid. It serves as a Bodum coffee maker and tea maker, mixing hot water with ground coffee or tea leaves. Other products from the company include electric coffee grinders, milk frothers, electric water kettles and espresso machines. Accessories are also available for the Bodum coffee maker line. The 4 minute timer can be fitted to all the machines and is powered by a battery. The range of accessories also includes chrome measuring spoons and drip filters.

Storage is important in keeping coffee fresh and dry. Bodum supplies a storage jar with a sealed lid and a removable silicon gasket. The jar is dishwasher friendly and can also be used to store tea, herbs, sugar or rice. All of the machines are designed to be durable. However, should anything need replacing, there are spare parts available for all the Bodum coffee makers and other equipment. It’s reassuring to the consumer that the professionals also buy the products and put their trust in the company.

Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

The Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is designed for grinding large quantities of coffee beans. It has 16 different settings for grinding good grinds for different types of coffee beverages. With this machine, you can prepare the finest grinds for the Turkish coffee. This rare feature is only found in this machine. It has a built-in timer that sets the grind in less than 60 seconds. It has an advanced conical burr design. The grinder is made up of steel. This makes it a long lasting grinder that can be used for commercial purposes.

Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Features
Durable. This is a long lasting machine designed for many years of use. It can therefore be used for many years before replacing it.
Easy cleaning. It has a bean container and the upper burr lift. This makes it easy to clean. The grinding chamber is easy to clean by the use of an included brush.
Large capacity. The hopper is able to accommodate up to 12 ounces of coffee beans once it is fully filled.

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built-in timer
Easy to clean
16 grind settings
Long lasting quality
Leaves some beans in the grinder

Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Reviews
One of the recent customers who purchased the Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder said, “I bought this grinder after reading several articles online. I like the machine because of its great performance. The machine is quite easy to clean. The taste of the coffee from the grinds is great.”
The Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is easy to assembly and use. It is made from tough materials. The machine is designed to be used both for commercial and home uses.

Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island

The Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island combines the advanced technology with ease of use. An automatic machine grinds the right amount of coffee you need. Brewing is done simply by just push of the button. The unit has an innovative Espresso Plus System, which makes it possible to adjust the strength of coffee, from strong to mild intensity. With this machine, you can make an infinite variety of coffee drinks from just one machine. No matter the type of coffee you need, the machine delivers a unique creamy finish.

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Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island Features
• Exclusive touch screen. The machine offers you the ability to choose the right function or any programming menu with a simple touch of screen.
• Electronic drip tray. The machine is able to adjust the height of any drip tray and thereby allowing use of different sizes of cups.
• Espresso Plus System. This feature makes it possible to regulate the intensity of the coffee by just turn of a dial. With this system, it is possible to get the right coffee blend you need and maintain the perfect crema you need.

• Touchscreen
• Warming tray
• Easy to use and maintain
• Quick interface

• A bit noisy

Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island Reviews
One of the recent customers who purchased the Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island said, “It is a wonderful machine that makes the right espresso I need. I bought this machine one month ago after being informed by a friend of mine. I am glad that the machine works in a great way.”

The Gaggia 90951 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island is loaded with excellent features that make the machine superb. Making coffee with this machine is quickly and convenient.

Blue Mountain Coffee – The Taste Of Jamaica

Coffee beans get their flavor from the climate where they are grown. The Blue Mountains in Jamaica offer some of the finest coffee beans ever found. The Blue Mountains are named for the blue mist that hovers over the mountains at all times. Located on the beautiful island of Jamaica, these mountains offer the perfect climate for growing fantastic coffee beans. This lush, tropical region benefits from plenty of rainfall, giving the soil the rich quality needed for growing the gourmet Blue Mountain coffee.

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The beautiful Blue Mountains stand at almost 7,500 feet above the sea and make a stunning backdrop for the pristine white beaches These mountains house over 194,000 acres which are protected as part of the rain forests. There are many different species of birds and plants which can only be found in these mountains.

Blue Mountain coffee beans were originally brought to the Jamaican Islands by Sir Nicholas Lawes who hoped the climate would prove productive for these special beans. Since 1728 these beans have continued to produce extremely well and today coffee is the biggest export of these islands. Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world and Japan imports a large part of this coffee.

Blue Mountain coffee offers a bold, rich taste which is also smooth and sweet. It is grown on small farms instead of being mass produced. Often it is difficult to obtain because of the high demand for the succulent flavor which can only be found in the Jamaican mountain ranges. It is often referred to as the champagne of coffees because of its bold, rich taste. It is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

The Threat to Blue Mountain Coffee’s Existence

Blue Mountain coffee is closely monitored by local Jamaican officials to insure the supreme quality associated with its name. These officials grade the quality of the coffee bean before they place it in specific categories. There is close regulation with strict rules which must be met before the coffee bean is offered for sale.

Recent climate changes have posed a threat to Jamaica’s most precious resource. Hurricane Ivan posed a real threat to not only the coffee industry, but the islands themselves. Ivan is just one of a long line of hurricanes which have threatened the islands over the span of only a few years. In 1988 Hurricane Gilbert caused considerable damage to the coffee crop which resulted in a drastic price increase. Each time the island sustains a hit it takes longer for them to rebound which in turn makes the Blue Mountain coffee almost as precious as gold.

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine is an amazing coffee center currently on the market. It is made with modern technology, titanium and steel construction with contemporary style. It features a cobalt blue LCD and seven buttons for easy operation of the machine. It gives you the power to customize the coffee to your own preference and taste. The two boilers installed in the machine ensure that it eliminates the wait time between steaming and brewing. The boilers are always made of stainless steel for added durability. Generally, this Titanium is the true answer to the coffee lovers.

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Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine Features
• Exclusive touch screen. The machine offers you the ability to choose the right function or any programming menu with a simple touch of screen.
• Electronic drip tray. The machine is able to adjust the height of any drip tray and thereby allowing use of different sizes of cups.
• Espresso Plus System. This feature makes it possible to regulate the intensity of the coffee by just turn of a dial. With this system, it is possible to get the right coffee blend you need and maintain the perfect crema you need

• Makes variety of beverages
• Easy to use
• Easy to clean
• Nice design

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews
One of the recent customers who purchased the Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine said, “I bought this machine recently to replace my old Delonghi. The machine is decent and produces excellent espresso. It warms up very fast and very easy to use. I highly recommend this machine.”

The Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine is amazing coffee makers with intuitive control units. The machine is easy to use and maintain.

Benefits Of Coffee With Less Side Effects

The ‘pick me up’ we get from drinking tea is a result of the caffeine in the tea. When black tea caffeine first was discovered in the year 1827, it was thought to be a new substance and was named theine. It was found to have effects identical to coffee and in fact, eventually it was found out to be the same caffeine as found in coffee, so the term theine was dropped from use.

Black tea caffeine has he same effects on the human body as caffeine obtained by drinking coffee. It will speed up reaction time and increase alertness as well as improve overall concentration.

It is thought that the increase in alertness and reaction time is a direct result of a stimulation of the cardiac and respiratory systems of the body which increases the amount of oxygen in circulation throughout the body. In addition to that, black tea caffeine stimulates the kidneys and digestive juices, and may even boost metabolism and eliminate toxins.

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Some studies conclude that caffeine is beneficial in that improves the performance of the brain and helps to reduce heart disease and other diseases as well. More studies are needed to confirm these conclusions. Most dieticians continue to warn against consuming large amounts of caffeine since there are known undesirable side effects such as shortness of breath, insomnia, and heart palpitations.

However, there is an advantage to consuming black tea caffeine as opposed to the caffeine found in coffee. The reason is because there is less caffeine overall in a cup of black tea as opposed to coffee. A typical cup of coffee has around 16 mg of caffeine while a cup of black tea might have only 6 – 8 mg. So you could drink a few cups of black tea caffeine and not have the potent effects you might obtain from one cup of strong coffee.

There are actually many interesting factors which influence the amount of black tea caffeine that is present. The variety of the tea leaves as well as where on the tea plant the leaves are located play an important part.

Leaves that are toward the bottom half of the tea plant are older and have more phytochemicals and other plant substances than the young leaves toward the top of the plant. In addition to that, where the tea plant is gown, how it is cut, and the length of time it is brewed or steeped will all have an effect on the amount of black tea caffeine available in each cup.

Compared to other varieties of teas, black tea has the highest caffeine content and is probably due to the way it is processed since it undergoes a full oxidation which gives it a uniquely stong taste.

DeLonghi ESAM6700 Gran Dama Avant Touch-Screen Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

The DeLonghi ESAM6700 Gran Dama Avant Touch-Screen Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is designed for people who love making delicious cappuccinos, macchiatos and lattes anytime. It has a patented milk container making it easier to make Italian drinks. It is easier to detach the milk container for it to be accommodated in the refrigerator. You are free to use ground coffee or whole beans. Its brewing system grinds beans instantly before brewing and thereby delivering fresh coffee.

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DeLonghi ESAM6700 Gran Dama Avant Touch-Screen Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Features
• Digital touch screen. This offers the control panel with programmable menu settings. You can adjust the start time, clock, coffee strength, cup size, temperature and auto off.
• Direct-to-brew system. This brewing system grinds the coffee instantly and thereby ensuring that you get only fresh coffee. This system is compact and removable. This makes it easy to clean it. It elongates the brewing process with long coffee function.
• Durable. This is a long lasting coffee making machine designed for many years of use. It is made from stainless steel, which is rust –free and corrosion-free.

• Easy to clean
• Beautiful
• Convenient to use
• Quick operation

• Grinder makes some noise

DeLonghi ESAM6700 Gran Dama Avant Touch-Screen Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews
One of the recent customers who purchased the DeLonghi ESAM6700 Gran Dama Avant Touch-Screen Super-Automatic Espresso Machine said, “I am very happy with my cappuccino maker. It is beautiful, convenient and makes perfect coffee for my family. I bought it for my wife as a gift during the Christmas. It is durable and the quality of coffee is high.”

The DeLonghi ESAM6700 Gran Dama Avant Touch-Screen Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is one of the best luxury coffee making machines currently on the market. The machine is highly durable and very easy to clean.